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Rainbow Ride

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About the Art

Rainbow Ride is the strangest, most spontaneously orchestrated thing that I've ever created. The inspiration for this idea came to me in the form of holiday greeting cards I made for people. The cards turned out cool, and they were fun to make. The idea evolved into what became Rainbow Ride one year later; January 2021- January 2022.


Rainbow Ride is comprised of eight art pieces, each on12"x12" color textured paper, copper wire, craft gems, home-grown crystals, pipe cleaners, shells and rocks, not to mention magnets, calcite, and mirrors! 


Enterprise was the first scene that manifested. I made it so, and a new artistic process was born. I call this style, Crystal Creations. More scenes evolved based on ideas that came to me from different places. "Everything Beautiful" was inspired by my friend, Stephanie, who is a librarian at an elementary school. She had a student ask her for a book that had all the beautiful things together; like faeries, mermaids, and unicorns. It was a scene I enjoyed imagining, and the next crystal creation was born. The center wheel of Rainbow Ride (Sunclue City) was third in line, and that one linked the color worlds together to become the Seven Eyelands.


Colors mingling in the quantum realm with quarks connects toThe Crystal Child, and bits of the story have been coming in over the the past few years- actually more like most of my past years if you count the roots of the story. They grew the first moment I can remember thinking up characters and drawing pictures when I was little Jess. 

Rainbow artwork; Mask of Me- acrylc painting on wood canvas, new age art

All are the same on this ride, but each is very different.

"Mask of Me"

Materials used: 16"x 20" Wood canvas, clay, acrylic paint, prisms (headphones), magnets, convex & concave mirrors, pipe cleaners, craft crystals, glue, copper wire, mica, calcite.

Rainbow Ride.png
Red= Up

Eyeland of Monsterceo, Court of Queen Vermilion 

"Where the threads are spooled" 

Legend key: When~~~ To: 1, Fro: 7 *[ Up/Red}

Morning Glory Rose Garden Bliss.png

Experience the tangled talking gardens and ethereal cerulean lagoons that surround the Ruby Palace on the eyeland of Monsterceo. The scent of wild roses on the wind are enchanting to all who visit. Queen Vermilion is wise, and rules over her kingdom and court well, but she can be quick to anger when challenged. Being an elder of the realms, and the keeper of the thread spools, Queen Vermilion wields great power over all the other eyelands; a point of contention among some in the royal courts.                                          

Rainbow Mystress 55.png
Orange= Down

Eyeland of Centeroil, Court of King Tangerine

(pronounced: tan-grr-ini)

"Where the threads are selected" 

Legend key: When~~~ To: 2, Fro: 6 *[ Down/Orange}

Take a stroll on Piekne Place- canvas paper art, new age art

You'll be caught up in the wonder and brightness of the buzzing city scene on the eyeland of Centeroil. The three main trade ports receive goods from all eight of the eyelands in the Skull of Forever. And, if you're trying to sneak into to the Master's Emporium without an invitation, in Centeroil you can bargain with infamous characters for directions. A warning, if you get caught prying around, the king may send out the guard. And, the Royal Guard of the Court of King Tangerine (pronounced: tang-grr-ini) is nothing to be trifled with- unless you're skilled at handling a chameleon calvary- it's hard to see them coming!

Escape in reality with flavor and spin- acrylic painting on wood canvas, new age art

Eyeland of Drachmoontii, Court of Queen Chartreuse

"Where the threads are sewn" 

Legend key: When~~~ To: 3, Fro: 5 *[ Charm/Yellow}

Everything Beautiful!.jpg
FullSizeRender copy.jpg

The eyeland of Drachmoontii is wrapped up in mystery. Creatures of every kind can be found mingling in the enchanted forests. There are many fantastical elements lurking in the vernal pond portals and crystal time lakes in this mystical land. Being the eyeland that sews the threads, Drachmoontii is a secretive and shrouded place, and not many visit its shores. Three enormous silver gateways keep Drachmoontii's harbors secure. The gates are submerged deep into the plasma waters, far down into the Skull of Forever. Queen Chartreuse and her court keep to themselves, but her forbidden relationship with King Viridian complicates things between the two eyelands; Drachmoontii and Plusmei.                                                  


Eyeland of Plusmei; Column A Direct, Court of King Viridian

"Where the threads are measured" 

Legend key: When~~~ To: 4, Fro: 4 *[ Strange/Green}

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Jungle Jewels.png

Plusmei is a wild jungle eyeland with strange stone temples and secret caves. Many have lost themselves in the endless tunnels that connect different parts of the eyeland. Plusmei is the location of Column A Direct, a mysterious plasma channel that flows into a marrow hole in the Skull of Forever. No one knows how deep it goes. King Viridian is a raucous and charismatic ruler, and celebrations are often held in the eyeland's many rainforests to honor him. At these celebrations, King Viridian's affairs with Queen Chartreuse are reenacted by his court in dramatic plays and rowdy musical performances. This being the main reason the two eyelands are often at odds with each other. Plusmei is known to be a kingdom of joy and hardship, and it is here where the threads are measured.


Eyeland of Complex Illogg, Court of King Cobalt

"Where the threads are cut" 

Legend key: When~~~ To: 5, Fro: 3 *[ Top/Blue}

Under the Sea.png
Under the Sea 1.png
FullSizeRender (2).png

Complex Illogg is a fascinating eyeland known for its bizarre technologies and edgy innovations. This is where the threads are cut. King Cobalt's palace is a massive temple that rises high into the sky with an enormous statue of a Rainbow Octopus at the top. Rainbow Octopi were the plasmatherial beings that built the great, ancient city that Complex Illogg was built upon. The temple was raised in remembrance of the Rainbow Octopi's sacrifice to progress. Rainbow Octopi were a plentiful and vibrant race of beings, and the original cultivators of all the eyelands in the Skull of Forever. But they were betrayed by their closest friends and eradicated. Now there are only eight Rainbow Octopi left in eternity. King Cobalt holds a sacrificial ceremony to honor them once every century, after the turn of a fourth-quarter moon, when the ring is pink and a moonbow appears. 

Rainbow Myxtress

Eyeland of Slomysoe, Court of Sorcerer Lazuli

"Where the threads are woven"

Legend key: When~~~ To: 6, Fro: 2 *[ Bottom/Indigo}

FullSizeRender (10).png
Enterprise, Star Trek- canvas paper artwork, new age art

NCC-1701 Enterprise

Standard orbit. Live long and prosper.

January 2021


Slomysoe is the sinister twin eyeland of Xeerimoops. Ruled by the nefarious Sorcerer Lazuli, life on Slomysoe is chaotic. Sorcerer Lazuli has powers and technology that can reach beyond the last barrier, but he acquired much of the knowledge and fantastical devices by deception. Sorcerer Lazuli is cunning, and the games he plays are always rigged in his favor. The eyeland itself is dark and foreboding. Sharp rock cliffs outline bleak shores, and wicked winds sweep up the sides of a steep mountain at the heart of the eyeland. The sorcerer's extravagant palace lair is carved deep into the tallest peak. His servants weave new threads from the divided bits his sister, Sorceress Purpura, sends over from Xeerimoops. Workers toil endlessly under his ever-watchful eyes, while his court whispers plots in secret. Advice to the reader, if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in Slomysoe, take care and leave quickly.


Eyeland of Xeerimoops, Court of Sorceress Purpura

"Where the threads are divided"

Legend key: When~~~ To: 7, Fro: 1 *[ Over/Violet}

Dragonfly Lake.png
Dragonfly Lake 1.png

Ruled by the powerful Sorceress Purpura, the eyeland of Xeerimoops is as peculiar as its name. Visitors to Xeerimoops are none, and if one dares try, they'd find it impossible to locate. Xeerimoops is cast in shadows, hidden behind a veil of mist. It is a changeling eyeland of possibilities. Here the unused threads are divided and broken down before they're sent off to be rewoven on Slomysoe. Should one manage to navigate the plasma channels in the Skull Forever, and wash up on the improbable shores of Xeerimoops, they'd best keep their wits about them. Uncertainty is the only certainty on this uncharted eyeland. Sorceress Purpura knows you've arrived. She knows everything.

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Eleanor Skeleton- bedazzled skeleton model

Eleanor Skeleton

October 2020

Eleanor Skeleton dark

Don't you just love that feeling in your bones when you wake up in the Skull of Forever? Welcome to story...

Eleanor Skeleton with The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow and Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library
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