Crystal Creations

Rainbow artwork; Mask of Me- acrylc painting on wood canvas, new age art

Rainbow Ride is an art project inspired by my love of rainbows and light. I fell into spontaneous creativity during this past year of introspection, and I brought back a bit of brilliance with me. The project is not complete yet, and I'm excited to keep working on it. Tune into your good vibes, and take a trip on Rainbow Ride.

Right: "Mask of Me"

Rainbow Ride Collection

Materials used: 11"x16" Wood canvas, clay, acrylic paint, prisms (headphones), magnets, convex & concave mirrors, pipe cleaners, craft crystals, glue, copper wire, mica, calcite.

Take a spin into a world on Rainbow Ride~~~~~~~

Rainbow RIde: Canvas paper artwork, new age art

All are the same on this ride, but each is very different.


Materials used: Canvas paper, plastic bubbles, magnets, craft crystals, glue, home grown crystals, ink pens, copper wire, plastic eyeballs, pipe cleaners, small mirrors

Red= Up
Morning Glory Rose Garden Bliss- canvas paper artwork, new age art
Orange= Down
Take a stroll on Piekne Place- canvas paper art, new age art

Stroll down Piekne Place and invoke the spells along its sidewalks. This street was a delight to create, and I found myself lost in its pleasant and peaceful piekne sky.                                                       May 2021

Escape in reality with flavor and spin- acrylic painting on wood canvas, new age art
Everything Beautiful- canvas paper artword, new age art
FullSizeRender copy.jpg

My great friend and writing partner, Stephanie Robinson, is a media specialist at an elementary school. One day she had a student ask her for a book that had all the beautiful things, like; faeries, mermaids, unicorns, etc- everything together. There are many stories that have these elements cast in their telling, but she couldn't find one that had them all mingling. I thought what a fun scene to imagine and created "Everything Beautiful!"                                                                                                                 February 2021

Rainbow Myxtress
Enterprise, Star Trek- canvas paper artwork, new age art

NCC-1701 Enterprise

Standard orbit. Live long and prosper.

January 2021


I am a Trekkie, and the NCC-1701 D Enterprise is my favorite spaceship- so, this is a bit of fan art. I had the picture spinning in orbit in my mind, and now it exists, and I can see it flying through space anytime I like. My ship was attacked by an arachnoid invader during construction. It's always an adventure on the Enterprise!

Bonus Art

Eleanor Skeleton- bedazzled skeleton model

Eleanor Skeleton

October 2017

Eleanor Skeleton dark

Eleanor Skeleton was born out of thin air. I had an idea to bring her to life, and she enchanted me with her charm. Elly Skelly loves a mystery and you'll find her occasionally haunting Fairday Morrow's book blog.

Eleanor Skeleton with The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow and Fairday Morrow and the Talking Library
Rainbow Heart Nebula Box
Tree of Joy
Inside Infinity
Heart Nebula Inside
Magical Mermaid