Crystal Creations

Eleanor Skeleton

October 2017

Eleanor Skeleton was born out of thin air. I had an idea to bring her to life, and she enchanted me with her charm. Elly Skelly loves a mystery and you'll find her occasionally haunting Fairday Morrow's book blog.

I am a Trekkie, and the NCC-1701 Enterprise is my favorite spaceship- so, this is a bit of fan art. I had the picture spinning in orbit in my mind, and now it exists, and I can see it flying through space l anytime I feel like it. My ship was attacked by an arachnoid invader during construction. It's always an adventure on the Enterprise!

NCC-1701 Enterprise

Standard orbit. Live long and prosper.

January 2021

My great friend and long time writing partner, Stephanie Robinson, is a media specialist at an elementary school. One day she had a student ask her for a book that had all the beautiful things, like; faeries, mermaids, unicorns, etc- everything together. There are many stories that have these elements cast in their telling, but she couldn't find one that had them all mingling. I thought what a fun scene to imagine and created "Everything Beautiful!" 

Everything Beautiful!

February 2021