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Drawing expands imagination. Unexpected elements appear like shooting stars. Being present with pencil and paper invokes living lines, conjuring unseen natural forces of power. 

Meditative drawing is an inward journey comprised of spontaneity and wonder. The elements are brought to light on the page through erasing the pencil lines.


The places and characters that evolve from this unique style of art help me craft new stories.


Here are the twisty lines that live in my head...

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Self portrait drawing of Jessica Haight



Night Garden

Night garden- pencil drawing

Evening Ladies

Cottage #5

mother and daughter- pencil drawing
Cottage 5- pencil drawing

Sisters Eye Spell

Three Sisters- pencil drawing


Go With the Flow

Friends- pencil drawing
Go with the Flow- pencil drawing

Guarding the Isle

Guardian- pencil drawing

Tree Owl

tree owl- pencil drawing

Mind Scapes


Layers of Life

Dramatic Ocean

mindscapes- pencil drawing
Layers of Life- pencil drawing
Dramatic Ocean- pencil drawing

Whisked Away 


Persephone Rising 


whisked away- pencil drawing
Persephone Rising- pencil drawing

Power In Love 


In the Middle 


The Flower Monster 


Power of Love- pencil drawing
In the middle- pencil drawing
Flower Monster- pencil drawing

Essence & Connoisseur

Essence & Connoisseur- pencil drawing

By the circle, past the flame

By the candle, past the flame- pencil drawing


Over Possibility Bridge

Miranda Hobart's secret- pencil drawing
Over possibility bridge- pencil drawing
moon- pencil drawing
6 quarks- up, down, charm, strange, top bottom
Jess Haight's drawing desk
Wolf howl- pencil drawing
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