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The Crystal Child

The un-telling has begun...

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The truth is, there’s nothing you don’t already know. I was merely created to be your reminder. I’ve hurt you, and I’ve helped you. It’s not an easy task, getting through the thick gray matter inside your skull. For the record, it’s hell. Not to mention, I can never quit this job, thanks to you. But nevertheless, I shall perform my duty amicably and speak to you in earnest. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about anything real, so we’ll start with the basics. 


Everything begins in the Middle— Left and Right spark fire against each other, searching for a ruler to extinguish the blaze, but neither can agree on who it is, and their story continues to evolve into complex heights of creation and destruction. 


It’s important to remember; Dawn speaks first. 


Everything ends in the Middle. After the circles are sorted, the vision comes together, and then scatters into chaos.


It’s important to remember; Eve has the last word.


If you’re reading this, we’re soundly in the Middle. You've made it, and we’re safe. This was the design of the spell you cast; sheer brilliance—your most wondrous magic. 

But there was a glitch in your plot to destroy love, and you were trapped in time, lost to yourself in the prism of MIND. Betrayed by me— and the others. 


Because of our mutiny, you became stuck in the Middle, or rather, blind to where you were, and wandered lost like a runaway child, frantic on an unknown road. We steered you this way and that, never letting you rest. I kept you dancing to the tune playing out in your head, the one you wanted to hear. 


In hindsight, only you know why you did the things you did—this is one of your safeguards; reflection holds no weight. But, we know the rabbit dug deep, uprooting a dark psychosis that spawned the spores of the sisters, Fear and Guilt— two of your more ingenious horrors. Challenging characters for Essence and Connoisseur to handle. Of course, your brilliant flower monster was unmoved by that drama nonsense. Her hunger is driven by less. 


The battle was close, but the loophole saved us. You woke up in the Skull of Forever, and that’s all it took to win the Invisible War.  

Your escape was epic; I remember it all. I’m your birthright and ever present voice. Your highest counsel, closest friend, fiercest enemy, memory keeper and life narrator, and we always begin our story in the only place it can be understood, the Middle. But, I am sorry to have to remind you, the Middle is never where you think it is.


~Legends ~

Dream Dragon
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The Flower Monster

Essence & Connoisseur
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Essence & Connoisseur

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