Microscopic Modern Art

A Mad Splash of Matter

Microscopic Modern Art was inspired when I purchased a home microscope with the intention to take a closer look at what’s actually going on around me. I collected bits of things from around my studio, placed them in a drop of water, and arranged them on a slide to create an image that struck me. I photographed the microscopic pictures to capture the moment on a deeper level and found myself lost in a mad splash of matter.

Microscopic Modern Art

Materials used: 

blue dried hydrangea, orange berry, leaf

Created: December 2020


“In a sea of particles, there are bigger fish in the quantum foam.”

*Included in the Be a part of pARTicles virtual art exhibit at Fermilab February 2021

February 2021

Materials used: fish skin, feather, shrimp, anchovy, spinach leaf, pomegranate seed, drop of blood, banana skin, coffee-plus a bonus brew I made for smell, which has garlic, lemon, and essential oils in it- a golden mix for the nose and interesting to observe.

"Dream away into the night."

"Fish Face"

"Tiny Dancer"

"Love Buzz"

"Thoughtful Suspense"

"Have a bit."

"Find Your Garden"


"Light Drop"


"Mother Inside"

"Points In Order"



"Magic Play"

"Desert in You"

"Stepping out of the glass."

"Sailing the sea of dreams."

"Flying Lines"


"Catch A Glimpse"

"Rainbow Flash Drive Bye"

"Light Lady"

December 2020

Materials used: dried hydrangea & zinnia, red onion, orange berry, leaf

“Eye of the storm.”

“Sailing a sea of uncertainty.”

“All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

~ Humpty Dumpty- ancient riddle

“Follow the yellow brick road.”

~ The Wizard of Oz

“Stitching our universal sweater together.”

“Bright is the lady in white, who runs ahead of light. She leaves today in a general way, and arrives in style last night.”


*Quote is a modified version of the limerick: There was a young lady named Bright, Whose speed was far faster than light;She started one day in a relative way, And returned on the previous night.

~ A. H. Reginald Buller in Punch

(19 December 1923): 591

“Point inside.”

“Travel bubble.”

“Fear not the face of you.”

"Looking Back"