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How To Make A Faerie Garden

Indoor table rock & plant garden

If you love plants and want to enhance the ambiance in your home, growing an indoor garden is a brilliant idea.

Creating a zen garden inside your home opens up a space between the walls that grows and evolves with you daily.

Indoor gardens are relaxing for the mind, and fun to watch flourish— adding personal flare with crystals and other symbolic elements imparts your own essence into your garden, making it feel special and intimately personal.

No matter what current insanity is happening in the collective consciousness of our shared world, you can count on your unique creation to bring you a bit of joy.

It's impossible for a zen garden not to inspire good vibes; unless plants, rocks, crystals, and sparkly, mysterious things are not your jam. And if that's the case, this post is not for you.

For the rest of you nature nuts, here are a few ideas for creating your own indoor zen garden. The most important tip is to be yourself and have fun manifesting your dream!

My garden creations are dedicated to the Fae, and I've collected the elements I've built them with for many years.

Like Tori Amos says; "The reason I thank the faeries, frankly, is because I'm not stupid."

Wise words, in my opinion.

Tips for making a proper indoor faerie garden

1) Decide what type of garden you want to construct. I have both a table faerie garden, and a bramble wall garden (pictured below).

Table Faerie Garden

Bramble Wall Garden

2) Pick a sunny spot. I add crystals and prisms as a feature to capture the light and cast rainbows on my garden. (*If you get the angles right, this is more fun to watch than anything on a screen.)

3) After you have decided on a good spot in your house, collect the plants, rocks, sticks, and any other elements you feel like using to build your garden creation. (*Select plants that will thrive in the light available to them where they'll live— many house plants are okay in shady spots. Rock placement is also key to garden balance and sunlight sparkle, though I don't think the rocks are that particular themselves—but I could be wrong :).

Some of my plants include: creeping vines, English ivy, succulents, cactus, peace lily.

4) When you build you garden, incorporate string lights and tea lights to add to the magic.

5) Add a water feature! I reused a clear plastic container to create a mini pond in the center of my table garden for water hyacinth. Aqua globes are a nice touch too. They catch the light and nourish your plants.

You can fuss with your creation, add to it, let it grow, and admire it endlessly. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about how to manifest an indoor creative garden, comment below or send me a message—contact Cottage #5.

You can read more articles on my Vocal Media page.

Jess Haight is co-author of the Fairday Morrow books, an artist, and free thinker.

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