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Death is a Fairy Tale

Eleanor Skeleton

Warning to the reader! If you choose to live in fear (of the unknown), dwell in suffering (past), and hurry along in stress (future), this post is not for you- unless you're seeking an alternative view. If you're into propagating peace, basking in presence, and letting go of bs (belief systems), then read on.

My opinions may cause some people to feel uncomfortable, but these views are based on my experience of the world and the reading/practice I've done to teach myself to understand space and form in MIND. I am not concerned with how you perceive my ideas, that's entirely up to you.

These thoughts are mine. You should think for yourself.

I find it unsettling that some people don't believe every person is capable of learning on their own. I've heard many voices saying that questioning science is foolish. But that's what science is, questioning. No one person "is" science. We are all discovering here. Every question is important, and every person has the right to educate themselves, even if they can't do complicated math. I would ask, can we measure the present moment? Can we count the scope of our human spirit? No. They are ineffable.

Every point is valid.

So, here's my 2 cents, and if my words resonate with you, that's your key. I'm able to find an anchor when in chaos by knowing this simple fact; If it vibes right with my heart, it's truth.

And all is vibration. Vibration is our original language. As organic beings we function as frequency in an abyss of "wave/particles", and the "wave/particles" form patterns when we tune our energy into them. We receive information from our environment, which is then carried through the body. Data is transmitted, and our genome constructs building blocks (cells produce proteins) that manifest as material in our perceived external world.

We each experience our world from a point of awareness as light frequency in MIND. Our experience is shaped by our bs programs, installed during growth (cell division). We design our world this way. The idea that there is anything separate from us is absurd- the proof is in the pudding (see pudding research below).

Thought travels faster than light. Information has emotional mass.

When we're awake in form (being an intelligent organized pattern of charged molecules operating in a field of electromagnetic radiation) we have the shell, so to speak. All of our cells feel and listen to us; it's their call to action. If we have a "heavy" heart, we feel down. This emotional energy impacts our daily existence, and we carry it around with us. The feeling is draining, making our world seem hard and unyielding in its rigid structure. But what we believe to be rigid and mundane in daily life, isn't at all. The idea of "ordinary" is a clever deception. All common matter is equal in value, and it all balances to zero.

The truth is hidden in plain sight.

Organic beings are eternally linked to source power. There is no competition. There is no conquering nature. Human beings are sentient life manifest, and we are powerful co-creators of our world. I wish we'd act like it. This is the reason I'm writing this post. I can't take it anymore The jig is up. Let's stop the nonsense and remember who we are. We don't have to be intellectual to "get it". We are it, and it's our right to imagine and conspire at our leisure. Our collective creativity is the highest form of intelligence, and when we express our unique patterns of essence in matter we tend our garden in MIND. Anything's possible.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

We are energy first, then matter- not the other way around. Our ancient choice to focus our attention mainly on the material world is what brought us to this great conjunction. It's been a lesson learned at a high cost. We put our birthright freedom on the line to feel safe and controlled. But, by who?

Like the sun and the moon, the truth cannot be long hidden. Now we know part of the truth (thanks to science), and as it turns out, we know nothing, with the exception of measurements, theories, and categories that help us develop our amazing technologies and healing medicines. Good for us! Huge congrats to our brilliant brains. But, what difference can all that ingenuity possibly make when we can't see ourselves in each other and reflect love in our world? It seems we're constantly set against each other. Divided. Judging. Pointing fingers.

We can flop like fish out of water all we want, but separation is an illusion. We are all one organism, and we are rich in energy beyond measure.

Energy is matter; matter is energy. They are two sides of the same coin.

And so, like all of our stories, death is a fairy tale. Albeit a sad and intimate one. Unless we're talking about Death from the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman- then Death is a witty goth character who I like very much.

Every being digests death differently. My sentiment about my own death or dealing with the passing of someone special to me is private, and I don't need to share my feelings with anyone or act in a particular way about death. Nor do you. And, in my opinion, it isn't helpful to continuously remind ourselves that our bodies will die. Everything dies! It's like the coin metaphor above. It is literally the flip side.

Death and life are synonymous.

Reflecting on the life of a person after they have transitioned out of our present moment is sacred. Authenticity in our feelings about the loss of someone we love is felt inside; in our gut, heart, and bones. These feelings are private. They are personal. They are concentrated emotional energy, and they are powerful.

This is why the concept of death can manipulate us so easily- death is the secret sauce of emotional energy we call fear. There are many ways to die (we've created tons of horrific ones!). But why are we afraid of death? Are we afraid of life? Are we going to be afraid of everything forever?

Well, I'm not. I do not want to live in a world of fear. Whatever other problems and disagreements we may have (and there are plenty), this one I can't swallow, and I am compelled to speak out.

Fear is a sensation, like all other emotionally charged energies. Fear is rooted in our ancient bones, and it can be a powerful tool when used for its purpose. Humor is the emotional energy that dispels fear.

"What about pain? What about suffering? What about all the agony of loss and grief?"

And, this is where it gets uncomfortable (for me). In my experience, most people find me callous when I don't respond in what would be considered an appropriate way. I get it. I agree that all those things suck, but they are part of our 3D life experience. I'd rather focus my attention on the present, where our story is yet unwritten.

But, how can I be so flippant about such a heavy topic? I seem cruel and inhuman not to care that people die.

Let me repeat that (because truth lies betwixt the lines). The common reaction of: How can I be so flippant about such a heavy topic? I seem cruel and inhuman to not care that people die; is my own belief system, built from personal experience having spoken my authentic thoughts aloud. My perception of a person's reaction to my response is, if I'm not afraid of my mortality, then I'm cruel and inhuman, and I don't care that people die.

Wow. bs systems run deep, even in me, and I tend to reject them all.

I'm not cruel and inhuman, by the way. I don't like to feel pain, physical or emotional. I don't love suffering, I've done plenty of it. I don't want people to die or hurt themselves. I am hopeful that there are more of us who don't want to cause harm and destruction, even if we can't agree on the finer details of cultivating our civilizations. But, personally I choose not to live in a state of fear. I find it to be unpleasant, disturbing, and incredibly boring.

With the practice of presence, I've been able to harness my feelings about death and suffering, and digest them in my own private way. I encourage all of us to fully understand ourselves on every level, even the scary ones that we've endlessly imagined and conjured up in our collective dreams.

William Blake Painting: Canto 14 in the Divine Comedy
Pen & ink, watercolor, William Blake: HELL Canto 14/ photo from book by Benedirk Taschen

By birthright the present moment belongs to us. It is forever, free, and fabulous.

Conceptually, death has twisted its sticky dendrites into the core of our imagination. Humans are brilliant at using fear to dictate dogma. The notion of death captivates our emotions, sculpting our bs and imprisoning our MINDs with a narrative that human beings are finite and weak, and we need to be managed like a herd.

I'll ask again, who is it that wants this kind control? Could we be the culprits? Are we the guards of our own prism cells? It appears so. But,

We have the power to focus our attention on what we want. We are free in MIND.

I'm here to remind us that sentient life force is not small, and it can't be controlled. Nature is all powerful, and it is us. As humans, we are moving principles (energy) operating through matter (organized patterns of charged molecules interacting in an electromagnetic field of radiation). Awesome. Let freedom ring!

High, low, middle; we are frequency, and our vibrations are linked to spiritual nature.

All are the same on this Rainbow Ride, but each is very different.

Rainbow Ride, artwork, quarks, colors
"Mask of Me" Acrylic paint & clay (with frills) on wooden canvas

My Theory: Information has mass, and emotional energy conducts the strong force that binds us together.

Whenever I hear the words "fundamental" or "element" I understand them to mean unknown- nothing deeper to see yet. So while tiptoeing through the quantum realm, I came to the realization that the answers I seek fall under fundamental concepts about elements. I can't (and don't want to) do the math, so instead, I approached the information from a more visceral and symbolic perspective.

Only accepting truth from university doctrine negates the mystical aspects of our nature, which is intrinsically woven into our molecular patterns. And, as it turns out, the quantum scene does not function in accordance with accepted laws of physics. It's a living mystery in the microcosm, and everyone has the right to try to piece it together for themselves, even without knowing the complicated names we give all the bits and squiggles. Add and subtract all you want; everything still balances to zero.

But, if everything is nothing, what is real?

Feeling is real.

Whatever feeling is, it's definitely real; joy, hate, anger, grief, sadness, exuberance, exhaustion, humor, pain, giddiness, boldness, shyness- all the feels. When we experience feeling, we're awake and charged one way or the other. How we spend our valuable energy is entirely up to us.

Love is the key to our heart. Humor is the highest form of emotional transmutation.

When we transmute emotional charges from one energetic force to another, our bonds remain strong. Here's an example of how I've learned to transmute emotional energy: I turn fear into anger, anger into power, power into humor- transmuting power into humor takes a lot of practice, but it's completely worth it for ease of MIND.

We are energy alchemists of unlimited creative power, manifesting here and now on the event horizon.

Microscopic Modern Art

Below you'll find a bit of my research, which has led to my theory stated above. Since matter is sort of like slow, thick light, I've decided to call it, "Molasses Theory".

Bon Appétit!





  1. The human body has approximately 30 trillion cells: there are approximately 100 trillion atoms in each cell

  2. Cells are the smallest, basic unit of life responsible for all of life's processes

  3. Approximately 330 billion cells are replaced in the human body daily. In 80-100 days, 30 trillion cells will have been replenished- a brand new you!

  4. Cells can die by apoptosis (programmed death) or necrosis (sudden death): atoms vibe forever

  5. Every cell is alive and serves its purpose in an organism

  6. Organelles are the functioning mechanisms in cells that build proteins- they are organs on a smaller scale

  7. The human genome contains a host of bacteria and viruses

  8. Bacteria and viruses are called pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease in cells). Bacteria (living globs of protein strands) can replicate inside or outside of a host cell. Viruses (non-living globs of protein strands) require a host cell to replicate. Natural antibodies (y shaped protein strands) in our bodies lock onto pathogen antigens (cap shaped protein strands) and stop the cells from replicating more pathogens. The infected cell is tagged for destruction, and natural killer cells swoop in and stab it to death

  9. Matter is formed by spinning "quarks" held together by "gluons" carrying the "strong force" in "protons and neutrons", which are interacting with "negatively charged clouds of electrons" inside "atoms" in a field of "electromagnetic radiation"- only a bit of which is visible to us in the "electromagnetic spectrum"

  10. The quotes around the terms are there to remind that those are names we call these concepts. Everything is open to interpretation on every level, because, science! Why else are we here but to question and learn about ourselves? Personally, I think some of names are pretty good, and funny! (lol- gluon:)

*Observation: #9 sounds like Mario Cart on the Rainbow Highway- when you have the three turtle shells whizzing around your cart, ready to launch at the other players.


Dialogues of Plato by Plato

Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

The Einstein Theory of Relativity by H.A. Lorentz

Quantum Physics for Beginners by Elliot Berg

The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality by Don Lincoln

The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newtown, The Royal Society, And The Birth of the Modern World by Edward Dolnick

An Esoteric Reader by Michael Strader

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

1984 by George Orwell

The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson

Free to Learn by Peter Gray

The Wisdom Of Your Cells: How Belief Controls Your Biology by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon by Joe Dispenza

The Phantom Toll Booth by Norton Juster

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

The Atom by Jack Challoner

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A Tree in the Forest A Collection of Ajahn Chah's Similes

There are tons of articles on the cloud to read, and quantum science is like the wild west right now. I encourage people to research. I had started to list relevant articles from the internet that I've collected, but honestly I don't know the rules about sharing other peoples work in my posts. So get those keyboards clacking and discover it all for yourself. The search is a fun part of the process. Who doesn't like to investigate? Curiosity is key.

To start learning more about particle physics, I recommend visiting Fermi lab's website. You'll get a good introduction to our collective molecular reality.

My parting words of wisdom

You are your own head boss. You are teacher, student, and what's aware of duality.

- make friends with your particles

-recognize the patterns you're circling in

-remember everything and everyone is you *kindness and compassion are key

-your vibration resonates your universe

-you're always you, and it's always now

-there is no one coming to save you

-wherever you are, there you are

-you can flow in and out

-colors and light are your magic

-step into your power and be yourself

-anything is possible

We are fractal points vibrating in one being. We are perfectly asymmetrical.

Onward, outward, inward, upward.

Open the door to your prism cell and explore this Rainbow Ride.



artwork, painting
pencil art, meditative drawing
Over Possibility Bridge
Jess Haight, artist, writer, free thinker

Jess Haight is a co-author of the Fairday Morrow books, an artist, and free thinker.

Additional Musings by Yours Truly:

"You can't intimidate a plant in a house of vines."

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