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Under the skin, feel the bones of creativity.

This space in the cloud holds the collected artwork of Jessica Haight. All artwork presented has been crafted by hand with love.


  • Meditative Drawing: #2 Ticonderoga pencil, paper

  • Microscopic Modern Art: home microscope, bits of nature (flowers, mushrooms, leaves, rain water, etc.),  iphone 8

  • Crystal Creations (Rainbow Ride): canvas paper, gems, glue, ink pens, crystals, mirrors, magnets, shells

  • Freeform Acrylic Painting: acrylic paint, wood canvas

  • Mood candles & Copper wire characters: copper wire, paint, wood, glass jars, magnets, crystals, mirrors, glass, gems, glue

  • Divine Nature Photography: iphone 8, Sony Cybershot, nature 


The Fairday Morrow series is a middle grade mystery series, co-authored with Stephanie Robinson. The next work in progress is the third book in the series, The Master's Emporium; publish date to be announced.

The Crystal Child: Legends is an introduction to a long time work in progress that has been writing itself for many years in my head. 

Thank you for stopping by Cottage #5 and casting your eyes upon my creations. It brings me great joy to share my work with you!

If you are interested in my art or writing please contact me here. 

Additional spots in the cloud to find Jess's creative work

Fairday Morrow Book Blog

Willow Press


cheese moon.jpg
Haight- Bigger Fish in the Quantum Foam.

Microscopic Modern Art 
Materials used: dried blue hydrangea, orange berry, slice of leaf
December 2020


Crystal Creation
Eleanor Skeleton
October 2020


The reason I make art is I don’t know why. I feel compelled to create, and so that’s what I do. Following along with this whimsical will reveals hidden elements dwelling in the depths of my imagination. A variety of eclectic mediums are used in my artwork, and most projects begin with no clear vision of where they will go. As work progresses, intriguing characters and entangled stories emerge. I love this ineffable connection to creative essence—feels like floating between here and there for a spell. I often listen to philosophy while I’m engaged in an art project, and along the way Carl Jung talked about exploring your own myth to gain a better understanding of yourself in the world— in other words, find out who you really are. Unraveling existence through expressing creative perspective reveals an inner view of being. My art craft is sparked by intuitive nature, and my work represents the divine conjunction of ethereal essence and material form. Secrets are forever woven into the details, and truth lies betwixt the lines. Peep at those faces coming through; if you see them, they see you. 

Mood Candle Vase
Dancing Spirits

 June 2023

color ink drawing
color ink drawing
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