Dear Reader,

Welcome to Cottage #5. Here we expect you to relax. This space is reserved for those who wish to imbibe nature's ambient essence and sail the rising waves on a sea of dreams. 


Eternity bangs about the cosmos, as we experience ourselves through the eyes of each other. 

Impart your love into everything! 

Delight in the wonder of it all! 


The temporal menu at Cottage #5 appeals to those with senses to know their etherial, untouchable space in MIND. Bon Appétit!

About Jess Haight

Jess Haight loves to create. It's literally the only thing she wants to do. Pretty much every moment squeezed out of time spent adulting, she sails off in a story, packing a Ticonderoga #2 and her wild imagination. Drawing is a visualization tool that's helped to reveal nooks and crannies in the stories she writes. You may also find Jess flitting about in the woods, barefoot in a shifty dress, snapping shots of divine nature. Jess loves the scene in New England and lives in Connecticut with her family. If you enjoy word play and literary connections, visit The Fairday Morrow Series book blog